Sunday, February 08, 2009

Boost Your Sales And Make Money At Auctions

Whether you are planning to make a living on selling items at an auction or just want to maximize your profit from an item you have entered, take note of the following tips on how to boost your sales and make money at auctions.

1. List item(s) on auction houses that sell similar products as yours in similar price ranges. There are auction companies that accept and sell anything. This is okay but your first choice should always be the ones that are selling similar products as yours. Why? Bidders and shoppers look for a particular item to buy and they want to buy it where they have several choices. The more choices the auction offers, the more people they attract. The same reason people go to a department store rather than a small outlet. Placing your item among other similar items at similar price range increases its chance of selling.

2. Make your item stand out. Buying the rights to become a feature auction can cost you money. Unless you are selling something that can yield to a big sale, refrain from paying for extra exposure. What is meant a good advertisement is by making sure that the item you are selling attracts positive impression and interest. If it is property you are selling, do some improvements. Refaced kitchen doors, newly painted walls, and a clean front porch may not boost the cost of your house significantly but they can be the factors that will help potential buyers decide to buy your house. This also applies to any products you want to sell at an auction.

3. Answer to the buyers' wants and needs. Bidders want to buy something worth their money. So the item(s) you sell should be well in the range of the buyer's budget. If you follow #1, you're doing it right. Bidders need to buy items that they can take home as simple and as quickly as possible. Your shipping and handling terms must coincide with their requirements.

4. Be realistic in setting your 'reserve' price. Most bidders do their homework and search for the current market value of the items they see on auction listings. Try not to take this for granted as you will likely not get any sale if plan to rip off your buyers by setting unreasonable prices. Take note, most people go to auctions because they want to save. Don't attempt to sell your item(s) higher than what they are worth.

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