Sunday, February 08, 2009

Government-Seized Property Auctions: Buy Your Dream Home Here!

Bidding at government-seized property auctions is perhaps the easiest and most effective way to own a dream home. At these auctions, you call the shots; you can choose from any listed properties; you decide how much you are willing to pay for the home; you have the option not to bid if you think you can't afford the property; and most of all, you can buy your dream home at a price lower that its actual value.

Where Do These Properties Come From?

Everyday, many privately-owned properties all across the country are subjected to foreclosure laws and repossession orders; other properties are seized because they were illegally acquired. All of these will become government properties. And since the government doesn't have any use for them, these real-estate properties are brought to auctions to be sold and become government assets.

Buying Your Dream Home At Rock Bottom Prices

When the real estate market is in distress, real estate property prices go down. And when the country's economy is in recession, citizens don't have the financial strength to keep up with the prices. One result of this slow down is homeowners missing their mortgage payments. Both are happening right now! And there's no better time to by property than today.

If You Put Time In It, You Will Be Able To Buy A Home 90% Below Its Market Value.

Do your research and acquire a property listing. If you have one, go through them one by one and study if any particular property fits your requirements. Once you have chosen a property, it is very important to go visit it before the auction. Houses offered at government auctions are not in perfect condition so it is a must that you check its general appearance before finalizing your decision.

Know your financial strength. Decide whether you will pay cash or use financing. If you choose the latter, get pre-approval first from a bank or loan company.

Government-seized properties may have or may have not been appraised before they are put on sale at an auction. Take note of this as the appraised properties are significantly more expensive.

Generally, properties at government-seized auctions are cheaper than the value on the open market but competition can drive the prices up. The key is, be wise when bidding. Bid only the amount you can afford. If you do all these, your dream home is going once going twice and sold to you!


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