Sunday, February 08, 2009

How To Prepare Your House For The Auction

While repainting your house, refacing your kitchen cabinet doors, and scrubbing your bathroom tiles do not increase the value of your home, it certainly will improve its appeal and attract potential buyers. Remember that when your house looks goods, fresh, and clean inside and out, more people will consider buying it.

So, if you have decided to sell your house at an auction, spend some time, thoughts, and perhaps money in polishing up your home.


Before opening your house for viewing, make sure that any minor and major flaws that are considered as eyesores to potential buyers are addressed.

- Clean stains on the floor, on the wall, and the ceiling.

- Replace broken or defective door handles of the closet, drawers, and cabinets.

- Replace dead light bulbs.

- Check all doors, windows, drawers, cabinets, and cupboards. Make sure that they all open and shut well.

- Fix any water leaks.

- Fix the roof.

- Trim the garden grass, bushes and trees.

- Dispose of all your garbage properly.

- Keep the bathroom floor and kitchen sink dry.

- Fix the doorbell if it is defective.


Most of the time, minor details can influence potential buyers to seriously consider your home. Find a feature of the house that can really make a difference and highlight it more. It could be your fireplace or patio.

Give A Good First Impression.

Some potential buyers take the front porch, front garden, and the facade of the house as a major consideration when buying a home while others simply want a good first impression. Bottom line: you need to clean or even improve the front of your house so that you can attract more potential buyers.

Keep Your House Furnished.

The more organized your house is, the more saleable it becomes. A house looks good if it is furnished; but avoid over decorating. Remove all the clutter from the rooms. Do not exaggerate the space. Clean out your closets but do not remove everything. Leave a few things inside. Also, your furniture arrangement should be cohesive with the structure of the house. Remember, many potential buyers rely on what they see inside your house upon viewing and not on what it will look like once they have bought the property and move in with their own furniture.

Once you have ensured that your house is ready for viewing, it is time to sell it at an auction.

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