Sunday, February 08, 2009

How To Profit On Selling Real Estate At Auctions

Auctions of real estate are not only done by people who are distressed about their mortgage fees but also by people who want to make a profit on their own properties. And what is the best way to do it? Real estate auctions.

Real estate auctions create the buzz and interest that may not be had through conventional selling on the open market. Sometimes, this type of merchandising your property may even increase its actual value due to bidding wars that often happen during auctions and by the attention the auction gets. Furthermore, bidding occurs only in a day so any willing buyers will have to compete with other more willing buyers to get the property they want.

Here's how you can profit from selling your real estate:


To maximize profit, prepare your house for selling. Spruce up the property and make it look good to willing buyers. Paint the exterior and interior, landscape the garden, clean up and put away things that do not look good around your house. These little investments will go a long way in increasing your home's value.


Have your house evaluated by a realtor or real estate agent. If you do not want to throw in some cash, try to research on the general value of the properties in your neighborhood. Compare it against houses with similar amenities. This will give you a rough estimate of how much your house is worth.


Prepare a meeting with professional auctioneer who offers similar properties like yours. This way you'll get the best value and maximized exposure. Ask for several references. Also, try to attend some of his auctions so you'll know the potential buying capacity of his regular bidders, his performance and his capacity to sell your house.

Then hire the best auctioneer that you can afford. Your best choice may require you to pay a lot more than hiring regular auctioneers. However the best people in this business have the best capacity to attract more interested people in buying your property.

Before signing any contract or agreement be sure to read the fine print. You never know what you will run in to. Also, be sure to note how much commission you will give him and other expenses that you may have to pay during the entire process.

Lastly, with the help of the auctioneer set a reserve price for your house. This is the least amount of money that you will get from auctioning your house.

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