Sunday, February 08, 2009

How To Sell Your Item At An Auction?

The process of selling an item at an auction is pretty straightforward. You choose an auction house, know the conditions before signing an agreement, and stand back and wait until your item is bought.

Choosing an auction house is crucial for the sale of your item. Landing a wrong one greatly reduces the chances of getting a favorable sale. As much as possible, pick an auction house that sells items similar to yours within the same price range. There are privately-run auction houses that sell specific items such as jewelry, antiques, artwork, vehicles, or vintage cars. There are others that sell miscellaneous goods. Do some thorough research on the auction company carefully before selling your items through them.

Knowing and understanding the conditions set by the auction house before signing an agreement is important.

There is a cost in placing your item in an auction. One is the commission of the auction house on the sale it has made on your behalf and the other is for the advertisements in catalogues and brochures regardless of whether your item is sold or not.

Keep in mind the things you need to prepare including the reserve price, the contract, and opening your property for viewing (especially if it's a house).

A reserve price is the lowest amount at which you are willing to sell your item. To determine how much your reserve price is, you need to have your property appraised. It is based on the actual market value of the item you are selling. It protects you from selling your item when the final bid is lower than your intended amount of sale. Auction houses charge a fee when setting a reserve price.

The contract contains your terms and conditions of the sale which should be prepared by the solicitor of the auction.

If you are selling a property, have it opened for viewing. This allows potential buyers to inspect the condition of the house.

Once the auction starts, you have no control over your item. An auction is a highly volatile marketplace and the final price is dictated by the bidders. You may get a good deal but if the demand is low, you might end up selling your item at a low price.

One important fact: Whether your item is sold or not, you will pay the auction company. Calculate carefully if it is worth it to sell your items through an auction.

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