Sunday, February 08, 2009

Selling An Item? Tips On Finding The Right Auction House

Privately owned properties like houses, vehicles, sports and celebrity memorabilia, home appliances, office items, and electronic gadgets among others, are sold at auctions for a similar reason: owners want it sold fast. As auctions help buyers to locate items they need, auctions also help individual sellers to find the right buyers. But not all auction houses are fit for everyone.

So if you want to sell something at an auction, choosing the right auction house is the first thing you should do.

1. Choose an auction site that sells similar items to yours with the same price range. This is very important since buyers go to auctions that enable them to have a wide selection of auction goods at a very affordable price. Auction houses that specialize in selling items such as yours should be your first option. Consider other auction companies if you think you cannot get a favorable deal on these auction houses. Also, take note of the price of other auction goods they are selling. If the item you want to sell is either too low or too high than the average price of the rest of the goods, find other options. (Placing your item in an auction that sells different items, however, will greatly diminish its chances of getting sold.)

2. Do your homework. Auction houses are not created equal. While they all sell goods that other people will buy, some are better than the others in terms of attracting bidders. You may want to find an auction house that markets or promotes your item very well. Your auction house should have websites where auction goods can be posted for the browsers to check. The auction house should be publishing brochures and catalogues as well.

3. Know the cost. Check with different auction houses on how much it would cost to sell your goods in your behalf. Also, ask how much would they charge for the commission. Usually it goes between 2% to 3% of the final selling price. Still, take note if you can actually earn by putting your good into auction with all the charges they apply. (One thing to remember: whether you item is sold or not, placing it in an auction will cost you money.)

4. Read the terms. Different auction houses have different conditions. One vital consideration when selecting an auction house is your stand on the company's policy. Before signing an agreement, understand carefully how the company will go about with selling your item. This prevents future dispute that costs a lot of trouble, time, and even money.

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