Sunday, February 08, 2009

Top Reasons Why You Should Hire A Professional Charity Auctioneer

A major factor in the success of every charity auction comes from the auctioneer who can make the most undesirable auction good into something that's worth, not necessarily a fortune but a significant amount of money. While many talented volunteers can excite the audience, acquired skills of a professional charity auctioneer can make a big difference. Read on and you'll know why hiring a professional charity auctioneer is worth the investment.

A professional charity auctioneer does what he knows best: he connects with the audience, raises the money and sells items as high as possible for your cause. While in the real sense, the bidders have all the control over the final price of each auction goods on sale, a good auctioneer can stimulate the crowd to bring up the cost of the goods by bidding higher. Other volunteers and celebrities can raise the bidders to their feet but it takes more than applause, smiles, and laughs to raise a good amount of money; a task that only he can do.

It does not end here. Not because you see him only as the person who stands on the stage and calls in the bids means that his task is limited to his podium. A professional charity auctioneer can give you useful insights and help you plan better the event that very few members of your team can match.

He is not the planner though, but his experience in hosting the event will ensure that it will go smoothly as possible. Since the auctioneer participates all throughout the planning, he becomes part of the team. This is important since no charity auction will succeed without a good plan and organization. And no charity auction will do exceptionally well without someone who really knows the correct approach on every aspect of what he is doing.

A professional charity auctioneer may cost you some amount but the service he provides is worth more than he charges. Besides, there are auctioneers who will willingly give their service to charity auctions free of charge or for a very small amount.

Take note: a traditional auctioneer has high skills in his on rights but there is a special level of skill required when calling bids for a non-profit auction. The expertise combined with the passion and understanding to the mission and objectives of the clients are something you can only expect from a charity auctioneer.

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